Compeer: Companionship with Peers    

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  Compeer Mission:
  • Volunteers helping people return to happier more productive lives by forming supportive friendships with those who are socially isolated and recovering from mental health challenges.

    Compeer Match:  

  • A mentoring program matching adult volunteers with persons experiencing mental health challenges. These one-to-one friendships reduce social isolation and foster independence.


    Compeer Circle:

  • Group activities for those persons waiting for a Compeer Match. Activities reduce loneliness and increase social skills.


    Achieving better mental health in Tippecanoe County


    A just, humane, and healthy community in which all people are accorded respect, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and prejudice.

  • Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County

  • 914 South Street
    Lafayette, IN 47901
    Phone 765.742.1800
    Fax 765.742.2085

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  • Mental Health America of
    Tippecanoe County is a United Way
    Partner Agency

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